10 Best Reasons to Buy An Apple Watch

Are you still wondering whether to buy an Apple Watch even after all these facilities and improvements or to keep the smartwatch you already have? Here we are, with 10 great reasons to go for an Apple smart watch. Let’s see what those are…


The Apple Watch can unlock your MacBook! Yes, this only goes for those who already have an Apple MacBook for their own. So, if you have both devices, you don’t have to use the Touch ID or the Face ID or whatever security method you are using till this moment to unlock your MacBook. Just enable this option in your MacBook and the next time you open your MacBook it will know that you are the owner of it. You only have to keep your watch on, and it is much faster than using other security methods. But keep in mind that this method would not be as much secure as other security methods.


The same thing as the first reason, the Apple Watch can be used to unlock your iPhone. It is so obvious if you can unlock a MacBook why not unlock an iPhone with it? Again, this feature is only for those who have an iPhone. It can be really useful when you are wearing a facemask and cannot use Face ID, or when your fingers are wet and cannot use Touch ID. The sad fact is you cannot unlock any 3rd party apps that requires your Touch ID or a passcode with this method.


Paying with your Apple Watch. This is one of the coolest features that is included in this smartwatch (of course other watches have this too). Paying your bills have never been easier. Yes, you can use your smartphone to do this already, but it is more time consuming when comparing with this technique and you don’t even have to drag your phone out of your pocket when doing this with your smart watch. It is nearly effortless, and it was on those Apple watch models for quite a while.


Apple watch to the rescue. Just imagine if you slip and fell on the floor (imagination is enough), and you lose your consciousness. The Apple watch detects the fall and automatically enables an emergency service dialer. If you do not confirm that you are OK with the given time period, the watch will automatically contact the emergency services, most likely 911. There are lots of sensors that helps the watch to do this. In addition to this the watch can monitor your BPM of the heart (beats per minute) and will notify about unusual patterns in your heartbeat if there are any. In the latest Watch Series 6 and 7 you can even take a well detailed EKG (electrocardiogram). So it is basically a medical center that resides on your wrists.


Every notification, message, and call syncs with the watch. This is basically the main reason to have a smartwatch, to sync it with your smartphone so you can monitor everything even when your phone is not around you. If you are getting the cellular version of the watch, you can take calls and send messages easily, no need to use your phone at all, this can be very useful in emergency situations.


Taking control of the camera. You can literally use your smartwatch to see through your iPhone’s camera. Whether it is rear or front, no problem. You can even activate the flasher and some major camera features with your Apple Watch. It really is a great advantage when it comes to positioning your smartphone on a tripod or something like that.


This is for those who like to exercise or workout. There are built in apps in Apple Watch to keep a detailed record of what you do, how much steps do you walk, how much time you stand up, how much calories you burn and things like that. Other than tracking those activities, you can even set daily goals and compare your stats with your friends. For those who have a pair of earbuds and like to workout in outdoors while listening to music do not have to carry their phone with them no more. The Apple Watch will let you to access millions of songs via Apple Music so you can keep your phone at home while you exercise.


The Apple watch can be used to control smart home devices. Yes, you can turn on and off lights on your desk or on your bed using an Apple watch if they can be connected to it (not only lights but every supported smart home device). Also, if you have got an Apple TV already, you can control it too. Imagine you come home at the night, you can lighten up your room using the Watch and then you do not need to worry about where the TV remote is, you can use your Apple Watch to turn on the TV and manipulate through the Apple TV menu. It may not be as convenient as the actual TV Remote but still it is considerably helpful to an extent.


It’s the design. The Apple Watch comes with numerous designs that can be easily matched with your outfit, and it has amazing watch faces that can be changed whenever you want with simple clicks. There are Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Titanium made Apple Watches. The customizable bands look decent and are super strong. The new Apple Watch Series 7 has a very bright screen when comparing with its predecessors.


High performance — last but not least. You know Apple devices have the best hardware and software combination. Each year Apple releases an even more powerful device that easily outperforms the competition in the market. Not only that, but the Watch OS is also super smooth and quite user friendly, very easy to manipulate. The battery life is good and the each and every software update that these Apple Watch gets makes it even more smooth than it was before. Apple like to add different features on different time occasions so we never know what might be coming next to your wristwatch.

So, these are the 10 best reasons to go for an Apple Watch in the market instead of others. You may have not known about some of these things before but now you do. If these completes your requirements of having a smartwatch then you definitely should go for the latest Apple Watch model in the market. If you already have a one you do not need to worry because the updates will come for quite a while even after new models are released!

Hope this article was helpful for you in some way. Just leave a comment if you have to add anything more to this article or for us, we will look forward to it.

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