The New Ipad Mini ( 2021 ) — Mega Power and Mini Sized

Couple of weeks ago, Apple announced the official release of their iPad Mini 6 — the smallest member in their tablet series. Also, they stated that it is a complete redesign from what we have seen in the previous iPad Mini version. Now this “redesigned” version looks quite similar to an iPad Air but smaller.

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When I said this iPad Mini looks like a smaller iPad Air, I wasn’t joking. The good old home button is now gone, instead you now have the Touch ID mounted right on top of the iPad Mini and also now with the home button gone this tablet has adapted an almost bezel less “all-screen” design with an 8.3” display. The volume buttons are also located in the top of the device next to the power button with the Touch ID. It makes enough space to mount the Apple Pencil 2. Even though you have a Magic Pencil with this iPad Mini, Apple has not designed a Magic Keyboard specially for this. So, that is something a third-party hardware developer would willing to do. We will surely do an article on that subject too.

The new iPad Mini 6 comes in four (4) different colors. Those are Starlight (something between Silver and Gold), Space Grey, Pink and a Purple variant. The color range is somewhat different than from what previous iPad Mini version had. The majority thinks that it could’ve been better if they introduced something different from what we are going to have. Another noticeable difference is the charging port, now it has been replaced with a USB Type-C port instead of the Apple’s old Lightning Port. That Type-C port allows the device to enter a whole new level of connectivity with Type-C enabled devices. As I said before, the display is now 8.3” in size, which is approximately 0.4” increasement from the previous size. It is still an IPS LCD display, which is reasonably good because it helps to keep the total price tag of the device at low and also makes it thinner. The resolution is 2360×1640, not much of an improvement but with the higher DPI it is not a problem at all. 500 nits of brightness of this display is the perfect level for HDR.

This device is powered with a A15 Bionic chipset, same thing that is going to power up the upcoming iPhone 13. The CPU is at least x2 times faster than it competitors’ CPUs of the same range. The 5-core GPU is also about 30% faster as they advertised. When it comes to the storage, there are only two options available: 64GB and the 256GB models. Yes, the 128GB or the 512GB version is not a thing with iPad Mini 6, which could be a disappointment for some users.

The network connectivity type is either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular. This comes with Wi-Fi 6 technology, which is best Wi-Fi tech in the current Apple devices to date but not the latest in the world. The cellular network allows this to use 5G sub-6 version connectivity which is far more stable but little bit slower than the 5G we used to know in the beginning.

The selfie camera here shows a huge update over the previous one. It is now 1080p Full HD, 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera with a 1220 field of view. Even though this and the iPhone 13 has the same processor, iPad Mini 6 is only getting Smart HDR 3 technology while the iPhone 13 will have the Smart HDR 4 technology. Despite not having Smart HDR 4, this camera also has the people tracking technology and that is something you should be satisfied with. The rear camera is also a 12MP, which again is an upgrade over the previous models. There is also a True Tone Flasher just under the camera in case if you need to do some photography with your iPad. And also, I must mention, even you cannot record stereo sounds with your iPad, you can play stereo sounds with it. In addition to these facts, the only thing that stays the same as usual is the 10hr battery life.

Overall, this is a quite positive jump from the previous model to this 6th Generation Apple iPad Mini. Always try to go for something like this when it is absolutely needed. There will be another improved device better than this in no time.

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