Why Apple Watch SE is so cheap?

Apple Watches are considerably pricier than other Smart Watches in the market. That’s actually a pretty normal thing for Apple products. They set their price for their brand name. Nonetheless, there is one Apple Watch that is seemingly quite less expensive than the other Watches. This article is dedicated to talk about that particular Watch, the Apple Watch SE. Let’s find out why is it so affordable?

The Apple Watch SE looks very similar to the rest of the Apple Watches but has a low-price tag. The main reason for this price tag is the components in the Watch. Apple uses previous generations items (because they are comparably less expensive) with a newer case. So it is basically an old Apple Watch in a brand-new body. By doing this simple trick, Apple can maintain their cost by using the same assembly lines for the Watch SE and there is no need for them to invest in Research and Development. That clever trick cuts down a huge amount of cost from their budget and tempts the customers to purchase the same old watch but with a new look.

The next big thing is the sensors. Apple Watches started with only one sensor, the Heart Rate Monitor. Eventually when Apple watches started to improve technically, the number of sensors also increased. Apple introduced Electrical Heart Sensor (Generation 4 Watches) that allows you to take ECGs of your heart. Then they came up with the Blood Oxygen Reader (Generation 6 Watches) which does the exact thing in the name. Adding these sensors also was a heavy burden to a price tag, more than 1/10 of the price was for these last two sensors. But in the Watch SE Apple got rid of the additional sensors and you can only use the Heart Rate Monitor, again allowing them to cut the price.

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