Why Apple’s M1X Macs Don’t Need 64GB of RAM!

Recently It’s rumored Apple M1X MacBook Pros won’t be getting a 64GB RAM version, which actually caused a lot of people to get upset because they thought the 32GB RAM will be not enough for their professional work routine. This little article will help you to understand why Apple MacBook doesn’t need a 64GB RAM. So, let’s break the myth.

It seems like Apple has disappointed many critics and users who assumed there will be a MacBook with 64 gigs of RAM. Actually, Apple MacBook doesn’t need a 64GB RAM because it is quite powerful and capable of handling some serious software even with its 32GB RAM. Why am I saying this…?

Reasons why MacBook is better at professional stuff…

  • M1 Chipset
  • Unified RAM
  • Optimized software and MacOS

We all know it is because of the M1 chipset. I am not going to explain about that again, in here. A 64GB RAM will be needed if you are using a computer that is based on intel chipset and Microsoft Windows. A while ago, a MacBook could do what other PCs with a twice the amount of RAM could perform in a significantly less time. Simply, Mac has better optimized software and powerful hardware in them. If you want to outperform a MacBook, you have to build a high end PC with best available parts in the market. But sure, Windows is now quite improved and there are numerous processors from Intel and AMD that goes toe to toe with each other. In the other hand, Apple got their remarkable M1 chip and their highly optimized MacOS and the software. Because of that software optimization, even some high-end PCs cannot compete with Apple devices.

As an example:

If you compare the 2019 Mac Pro computer with a desktop that is equipped with 3970X Threadripper. The Threadripper will lead in all the benchmark tests like Gaming benchmarks and SSD speeds. But when it comes to 4K video rendering Apple Mac Pro can outperform the Threadripper easily, even with an unoptimized software like Adobe Premier Pro. If you are using a software like Final Cut Pro which was specially optimized for Apple devices, the Apple Mac Pro will be miles ahead from the Threadripper.

This theory, even it is couple of years old still applies to nowadays computers. That is the main reason why MacBook doesn’t need a 64GB RAM. Yeah, I know older MacBook versions had a 64GB ram but what they didn’t have is Apple M1 chip and a Unified System Memory which greatly affects system performance. To be honest, be happy with what you got because older MacBook cost about 400 bucks more to go for a 64GB RAM.

We can talk about pages and pages about this Unified RAM but that is too much to handle. If explained about this in the simplest way, the RAM is located quite near to the CPU. So, the data will not have to be on the RAM for a extensive time it can go back and forth to the CPU from the RAM in a significantly less time. Basically, every CPU with a integrated GPU can be referred as a Unified Memory System. BUT this Unified Memory thing will not be much effective unless for the M1 chipset which has an amazing bandwidth. So, the conclusion here is all the Apple unified memories that comes with the M1 chip works twice fast as RAMs on intel-based systems. Even Apple offers a 64GB version later in the future for some weird reasons, we should be thinking about switching to that because that is just too much. Yes of course it will save your time but will deplete your wallet at the same time.

M1 MacBook Pro

M1 MacBook Air

Hope this article was helpful for you in some way. Just leave a comment if you have to add anything more to this article or for us, we will look forward to it.

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